2021 Tree Selection and Prices

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7’-9’ Concolor Fir $110

7’-9’ Canaan Fir $110

8’-9’ Fraser $120 |9’-10’ Fraser $140 |10′-11′ Fraser $175 |11′-12′ Fraser $190

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Our Grower

Troop 157 has been sourcing our trees from Musser Forests since 1989. Because of this, we are still able to bring you Fraser Firs (absolutely beautiful ones), during an ongoing shortage of Christmas trees in general, and of the breed in particular.

We’re bringing in 300 trees this year, and we’ve managed to get a hold of quite a few Fraser Firs for you, despite their growing scarcity. We’ve even grabbed a few 10′-12′ Frasers for those of you who like the REALLY big trees. We’ve diversified into Canaans and Concolors this year on the shorter end of the spectrum for you, since nothing was available from the grower in the 6′-7′ range.

Musser’s cuts our trees NO earlier than the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. In business since 1928, Musser Forests is located in Indiana, PA – “The Christmas Tree Capital of The World.”

(Musser Forests loading trees onto trucks for delivery)

Tree Delivery Day 2019Unloading the Truck