Wimp-O-Ree 2023

Our annual winter cabin trip to Camp Snyder to do intensive merit badge work was this past weekend. The scouts worked on merit badges like Citizenship in the Community, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Personal Management, and Automotive Maintenance. During Wimp-O-Ree, the adults handle the cooking, so that the scouts can focus on advancing their merit badges.

Saturday evening the troop started their annual planning for the coming year. We encourage the the scouts to conduct their annual planning meeting during Wimp-O-Ree, because this is one of the better attended trips throughout the year. The evening was finished off with board games for those who didn’t conk out early. We even left Carroll’s Cottage the next morning cleaner than we found it!

In person troop meetings

Recently our troop has been talking about having in person troop meetings. We have already had our patrol meetings, tree sales, and Bready park in person, but we still have our weekly meetings online. If we were to have them in person they would have to start earlier and be in an outdoor park. Lucky the weather is getting warmer! What do you think about in person meetings? Leave your comments below.

Webmaster update!

Hello everyone, my name is Wyatt Anderson I’m currently the new webmaster of troop 157. I am very excited to start posting on here more often to help grow our troop and revive our troop website! If you have any ideas on topics; feel free to leave a comment or contact the troop!