2022 Tree Sales FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the trees cut?
A: Musser’s guarantees that they cut the trees no more than 48 hours prior to delivery, Delivery Day is Wednesday November 23rd this year.

Q: You say “While Supplies Last.” How long do you expect supplies to last?
A: Good Question. The last couple of years, we’ve been cleaned out in about two and a half weeks. So, get to our lot early to guarantee a GREAT selection. We have fewer trees than we’d like this year, so I don’t think we’re going to last very long at all – Try not to wait until the first weekend in December this year.

Q: Where are the trees coming from?
A: We’ve sourced our trees from Musser Forests in Indiana, Pennsylvania“The Christmas Tree Capital of the World” since 1989.

Q: What happens once I’ve picked out my tree?
A: Once you’ve chosen your tree, you may either bring it up to the desk to be processed, or you may ask a volunteer to do so for you. Please decide how much, if any, of the tree trunk you’d like trimmed, and tell the Scout who is helping you.  We’ll trim the tree trunk while you check out and pay, then load the tree onto your vehicle.

Q: Will you be accepting cash and checks?
A: Yes, We accept cash, check and credit card.

Q: How many trees have you ordered?
A: Well, I ordered 325. What was confirmed was 200. As we’ve been telling you for a couple of years now, there’s a shortage (Long story, starting with the recession in 2008). For better or worse, we made the decision to stick by Musser’s a couple of years ago, and it was FAR too late in the year to obtain a secondary supplier to flesh out the order by the time we found out how small the order was going to be. I’ll be considering a backup supplier next year.

Q: Will you be selling Christmas Wreaths?
A: Not this year. We’re always looking into the possibility for next year. Please drop me a line and let me know what you’re looking for, so we can attempt to source it.

More questions?  Email us at XmasTreeSale@BSATroop157.com